Friday, June 5, 2009

Saturday's Run/Walk New Trotters Route

Things to Remember
It is hard to get up at 6:30 for a twenty minute workout. However, the first six weeks are the most important. You are training those legs and lungs! After you conquer these first three miles....You are going to LOVE being part of a running group! Hang in there. If you need ANYTHING the ENTIRE Team Trinity group is here to help, encourage, and answer questions!

Game Plan
All the Team Trinity group will do the run 5 minutes/walk 5 minutes together. The veteran runners are here to support you, encourage you, and make this FUN!!! Our total run/walk time this week is 20 minutes. Next week you ramp up to a 30 minute run/walk!

Route Description
This is a "scenic" run through one of Hartville's finest neighborhoods. I'm kidding. This route is flat with one hill. We may or may not run/walk this entire route. This serves as a directional guideline for our route, but we are running my minutes. So, we will run for five/walk for five until 10 minutes is complete. Then we will turn around and run for five/walk for five until 10 minutes brings us back towards the Magnus house!

Run/Walk Route
Turn LEFT out of Magnus driveway on to Royce Street NW
- Go straight on Royce Street NW

Turn RIGHT on Jan Road
- Follow to the dead end
- Run/Walk around the loop

Turn LEFT on Canyon
- Follow Canyon to Market Street
- Cross OVER Market Street

- Do NOT turn on any of the side roads!
- Canyon dead ends on Oasis....Turn around

Canyon to Market
-Continue to follow Canyon

Turn RIGHT on Jan
- Follow loop around dead end
- Continue to follow Jan

Turn LEFT on Royce Street NW
- Follow to Magnus house on RIGHT

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