Sunday, June 27, 2010

Red, White, and Blue Uphill Climb Route for Saturday, July 3rd

Meeting Location
Lake Community YMCA
11928 King Church Ave.
Uniontown, OH 44685

Meeting Time
6:20-6:25 a.m.

Run/Walk Time
Promptly at 6:30 a.m

Route Instructions
If you are running the full 12 miles this is a giant loop around Hartville.  If you are doing less than 12 miles you'll do an out-and-back of the course.  Simply memorize the mile marker location where you'll need to turn around, run to that location, and then run back to the start! Next week the entire route will be an out-and-back, which means the group can stay together even longer!  Woo hoo!  Yes, I realize the route is hilly.  However, the Akron Marathon route is even hillier! Hate me for the hills now, but love me for the training later!

Route Directions
Turn LEFT on King Church

Turn RIGHT on Lake Center

Turn LEFT on Hoover (1 Mile)
  • Continue straight on Hoover
  • No good 2 mile marker along the route...sorry!
Turn LEFT on Midway (2.5 Miles)

Turn RIGHT on Coblentz (3 Miles)
  • Messmer For Sale Sign (3.5 Miles)
Turn LEFT on State Street (4 Miles)
  • State and Market intersection (4.8 Miles)
  • Continue straight on State Street
  • St. Jacob's Church on right (5.2 Miles)
Turn LEFT on Kent (5.5 Miles)
  • Lake O Pines (6 Miles)
  • Eloise (7 Miles)
  • Smith Kramer (7.5 Miles)
  • Hazel (8 Miles)
  • Seneca (8.5 Miles)
  • Lincoln (9 Miles)
Turn LEFT on Sunnyside
  • Steffy (9.5 Miles)
  • Back of True Value Hardware (10 Miles)
Turn LEFT on Market Street
  •  Camelia (10.5 Miles)
Turn RIGHT on Lake Center (11 Miles)

Turn RIGHT on King Church
  • You are NOT DONE! GO PAST the start location towards the other side of Camelia
  • Turn RIGHT on Camelia and run towards Lisa Road
  • Lisa Road (11.5 Miles)....turn around at Lisa and run BACK TO YOUR CAR!!!
  • Arrive back at Lake YMCA Parking Lot (12 Miles)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Burning Rings of Fire & Double Trouble Challenge Route for Saturday, June 26th

Meeting Location
Lake Community YMCA
11928 King Church Ave.
Uniontown, OH 44685

Meeting Time
6:20-6:25 a.m.

Run/Walk Time
Promptly at 6:30 a.m.

No Trail Run Option
Due to a nasty case of poison ivy I will not introduce you to trails this week.  I promise I'll break y'all in with the trails soon!  You'll love it....minus the nasty plant of misery...POISON IVY!

Route Instructions
If you are doing the full 7 miles this will be a looped route.  If you are running less that 7 miles this is an out and back route.  Hope Magnus and Brian Evans are running 15 miles and will do the loops twice.  If you want to go longer...feel free to do the Double Trouble Challenge. 

Route Map

Turn RIGHT out of the YMCA parking lot

Turn RIGHT on Camelia

Turn RIGHT on Market Street (0.5 Miles)

Turn RIGHT on Lake Center (0.8 Miles)
Go straight on Lake Center
Clarance (1 Miles)
Meadow Lane (1.5 Miles)
Wright (2 Miles)
Hoover Estates Entrance (2.3 Miles)

Turn LEFT on Magadore (2.7 Miles)
Twin Hills (3 Miles)

Turn LEFT on Wright (4 Miles)
Wagner (4.5 Miles)
Red Barn on left (5 Miles)

Turn RIGHT on Lake Center (6 Miles)
Meadow Lane (6.5 Miles)

Turn LEFT on King Church
YMCA parking lot (7 Miles)

Double Trouble Challenge
Continue straight towards Camelia and run it all again!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Training for the week of June 21st

The Newbie Trotters-in-Training and Distance Trotters training schedules have been emailed.  If you did not receive the schedules via email, please let me know at

Newbie Trotters-in-Training
Day 1: Jog 25 min, walk 5 min
Day 2: Jog 25 min, walk 5 min
Day 3: Jog 25 min, walk 5 min
Group: Jog 30 min

Half Marathon-Distance Trotters
Day 1: 3.5 Miles
Day 2: 2 Miles
Day 3: 3.5 Miles
Group: 5 Miles

Akron Full Marathon-Distance Trotters
Day 1: 3 Miles
Day 2: 5 Miles
Day 3: 3 Miles
Group: 7 Miles

The route will be posted early this week.  We will have a trail running option.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Brooker Knows Best Route for 6-19-10 (13 Miler or Pick Your Distance)

Meet Time
6:20-6:25 a.m.

Run/Walk Time
Promptly at 6:30 a.m.

Meet Location
Maple Grove Mennonite Church
(This is right before the stop light at Kent and Smith Kramer)
2121 Smith Kramer Road
Hartville, OH

Special Recognition
This route was developed by the one and only Steve Brooker.
If you love it, thank him.  If you hate it, blame him. 

Group Leaders
Hope Magnus, Lynne Schapiro, and Tara Schmucker are out of town running the Warrior Dash (  Brian Evans is leading the Newbie Trotters this week.  Coach Momma C will welcome the distance Trotters and help both groups along the route. 

Route Map

Turn LEFT out of the Maple Grove Church parking lot

Turn RIGHT on Kent (at stop light)
  • Continue straight on Kent
Turn LEFT on Nimishillen Church (1.2 Miles)
  • Carlswood (2 Miles)
  • Cross over Middlebranch
  • Schlabaugh (2.5 Miles)
Turn LEFT on Wolf (2.8 Miles)
  • Red barn on right (3 Miles)
Turn RIGHT on Smith Kramer (4 Miles)
  • Miller Road (4.6 Miles)
Turn RIGHT on Immel (5 Miles)
  • Stay straight on Immel
  • Cross over Nimishillen Church (5.7 Miles)
  • Continue straight on Immel
  • Look for orange construction cone with 26.2 sticker at mile 6.5
  • Turn around for 13 miles total!

I look forward to seeing you all next week. 
Watch your email for the training schedules on Sunday evening.

Monday, June 14, 2010

This Week's Run Schedule

Day 1:     3 Miles

Day 2:     7 Miles

Day 3:     4 Miles

Saturday: 13 Miles

Friday, June 11, 2010

Try a trail run on Sunday!!!

Meet at the Pine Lane Trailhead at 1:15 p.m. We are running Pine Lane to Boston Store to Blue Hen and Buttermilk Falls. This will be about 12 miles of trails.

Contact Hope Magnus ( if you're interested. Unless you have a mule....carry your own water and fuel! We dine at Winking Lizard after the run! YES, we go smelly and!  :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reuse and Recycle Turn, Turn, Turn Route for June 12th

The newbie and distance groups are back together. 
I had several people ask to run this route again. 
I aim to here you go!

Meeting Time
6:20-6:25 a.m.

Run/Walk Time
Promptly at 6:30 a.m.

Meeting Location
Hartville Hardware
(Front entrance-Park close to road)
940 West Maple Street
Hartville, OH

Route Map

Turn RIGHT out of Hartville Hardware parking lot

Turn LEFT on Sunnyside
  • Straight on Sunnyside pass Doreen Leaf Designs
  • Steffy (0.5 miles)
Turn LEFT on Steffy
  • Straight on Steffy
  • Cross over State Route 43/pass Spitzer Ford
  • Straight on 43
  • Lake Bus Garage (1.3 miles)

Turn LEFT on Andrews
  • Boone (2 miles)
  • Cross over Market Street/Stay straight on Andrews
  • Carnation (2.5 miles)
Turn LEFT on Kauffman (3 miles)

Turn LEFT on Edison (3.3 miles)

Turn RIGHT on King Church/Hartville Kitchen (3.5 miles)
  • Wisteria (4 miles)

Turn RIGHT on Lake Center (4.5 miles)
  • Meadow Lane (5 miles)

Turn LEFT on Wright (5.5 miles)
  • Look for orange turnaround cone (6 miles)!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Training for the week of June 6th

Marathon Training for Akron and/or Columbus

Day 1: 3 miles

Day 2: 7 miles

Day 3: 4 miles

Group Run: 12 miles

(Trotter Walker/Runners Training for Akron Half: 3, 4, 5, 8)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

National Running Day Impromptu Group Run: Wednesday, June 2nd!

June 2nd is National Running Day! Go for a run and share the day with a running buddy!

Hope Magnus is having an impromptu group run tomorrow (Wednesday, June 2nd) to celebrate! All those interested in gathering for National Running Day meet at the Marc's parking lot in Hartville at 5:45 p.m. We will go for a nice 4 mile run/walk through Hartville. See you soon! Run for fun!