Monday, July 26, 2010

Breakfast following the 7-31-10 run/walk!!!

It's time to eat and fellowship with all your Trotter friends.  Please plan on staying for breakfast after the run/walk.  Bring a breakfast item to share with everyone.  Feel free to invite your family.  We will eat immediately following the run.  If you are running a shorter distance I'll give you an approximate time to arrive at the fellowship hall on Saturday! 

Trinity Church of the Nazarene Fellowship Hall
2780 Canton Road
Uniontown, OH 44685-7147
(down the street from Kim Tam swimming pool)

Directions to Trinity from Library
  • Turn LEFT out of parking lot on Market
  • Turn LEFT on 619 towards Hartville Kitchen
  • Turn RIGHT on Canton Road by BP/Papa Johns
  • Turn LEFT into Trinity Church of the Nazarene parking lot
    - This is just past Kim Tam swimming pool on your LEFT

Where in the World Am I? Route for 7-31-10

Meet Time
6:20-6:25 a.m

Run/Walk Time
Promptly @ 6:30 a.m.


Stark County Library/Lake High School
11955 Market Avenue North
Uniontown, OH
(Park in front of library)

Route Map

Route Details
We have a distance for everyone!  We will have roaming water stations this week.  Do the entire route of pick your distance.  Simply memorize the road you need to complete your mileage.  Run to that road and turn around.  Please join us for BREAKFAST after the run/walk.  Bring a breakfast item to share with the group.  A special "thank you" to our roaming water station volunteers and Steve B. for helping with the route!

Turn LEFT out of parking lot onto Market

Turn RIGHT on Woodland

Turn LEFT on Prospect/Main Street/Kent Road (1 Mile)
  • Cross over Edison/619 run past Hartville Pantry Restaurant (1.6 Miles)
  • Swamp Road (2 Miles)
  • Pass Congress Lake Country Club
  • BE CAREFUL going around the curves/run on opposite of road
  • Pass Quail Hollow Park
Turn LEFT on Pontius (3.5 Miles)
  • 20 MPH signs before curve (4 Miles)
  • Becomes Congress Lake Road
  • White barn on left (5 Miles)
Turn RIGHT on Swartz Road (5.2 Miles)
  • Kehner (5.7 Miles)
  • Griggy (6.2 Miles)
Turn LEFT on Trump (7.2 Miles)

Turn LEFT on Shaffer (8 Miles)
  • Pass/cross over Aberagg Road (8.6 Miles)
Turn around at Griggy/Shaffer intersection (9 Miles)

Everyone bring a breakfast item to share!
Trinity Church of the Nazarene Fellowship Hall
2780 Canton Road
Uniontown, OH 44685-7147

Friday, July 16, 2010

Country Bumpkin Route for 7-17 AND 7-24

Meet Time
6:20-6:25 a.m

Run/Walk Time
Promptly @ 6:30 a.m.

Quail Hollow
13480 Congress Lake Road
Hartville, OH 44632-9300
Meet at first major parking lot on LEFT.
Do NOT go straight towards the white hosue!

Route Details
I am running the Buckeye 50K this Saturday and I am on vacation the following Saturday.  Therefore, this route will be used two weeks in a row.  A huge thanks to Lynne Schapiro for being the roaming aid station while we are out of town.  A special thanks to Steve Brooker for helping to map the route.  Simply pick the distance you need to run, memorize the road where you need to turn around, and HAVE FUN!  I made the route for extra miles in case anyone was following a different training plan.  Enjoy!  See y'all soon. 

Route Map
The distance is incorrect on this map...this is used for directional purposes only.  Route mileage listed below is correct.

Start at stop sign by parking lot

Turn RIGHT out of parking lot and run towards the entrance
  • Continue inside Quail Hollow going towards the entrance
  • Stop sign at Congress Lake Road/Quail Hollow entracen (0.6 Mile)
Turn RIGHT onto Congress Lake Road

Turn RIGHT on Pontius (1.5 Miles)
  • Continue straight on Pontius
  • Griggy (2 Miles)
Turn LEFT on Duquette/Hartville Road (2.8 Miles)
  • TMC Center (3 Miles)
Turn LEFT on Trump (3.3 Miles)
  • Swartz (4 Miles)
Turn RIGHT on Shaffer (4.8 Miles)

Turn LEFT on Hartville Road (5.7 Miles)
  • Eberly (6 Miles)
  • Alexander (6.5 Miles)
  • Waterloo (7 Miles)
  • Luli (7.5 Miles)
  • Randolph (8 Miles)
  • Bassett (9 Miles)

Friday, July 9, 2010

"Kaufing" Up The Miles Route for 7-10-10

Meeting Location
Kaufman Center
12875 Kaufman Avenue Northwest
Hartville, OH 44632
Beside Lake Christain School

Meeting Time
6:20-6:25 a.m.

Run/Walk Time
Promptly @ 6:30 a.m.

Route Details
If this is your first week with the Trotters, WELCOME!  I'll give you detailed instructions tomorrow morning.  Simply know the route and we will take care of the rest!  If you're a veteran know the drill.  You may complete the entire route or simply do a portion of the route.  Just figure out how many miles you'd like to run/walk and memorize the street name where you need to turn around.  The entire route is 16 miles for anyone that needs extra miles this week.  We will have several roaming water stations along the route to keep you hydrated, fueled, and safe. 

Route Map

Turn LEFT out of the Kaufman Center parking lot

Turn RIGHT on Andrews
  • Cross over Market Street and continue straight on Andrews
  • Boone (1 Miles)
  • Cross over State Route 43 (1.7 Miles)
  • Andrews becomes Lake Road
  • Hart Mini Storage (2.5 Miles)

Turn LEFT on West Maple Street (3 Miles)
  • Cross over Prospect Street by Pie Factory-Go STRAIGHT
  • Cross over railroad tracks
  • Pass Frontier Restaurant
  • Kinsley (3.7 Miles)
  • William Penn (4 Miles)
Turn LEFT on Duquette (4.7 Miles)
  • Graening (5 Miles)
Turn RIGHT on Swamp Road (5.5 Miles)
  • Ohio Earth Food on right (6 Miles)
  • Immel (6.7 Miles)
  • Etter (7 Miles)
Swamp and Ravenna Road (8 Miles)
  • Turn around and take it home! 

Congratulations to all the Trotters (Jinka) that signed up for their first FULL marathon this week. Columbus or bust, baby!