Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Little City, A Little Country, and A Little Rock n' Roll (18 Miler or Pick Your Distance)

Meet Time
6:20-6:25 a.m

Run/Walk Time
Promptly @ 6:30 a.m.

Edison Park Plaza in Hartville

Park in front of Goodwill
864 West Maple Street
Hartville, OH 44632

Route Map

Turn RIGHT on W. Maple Street out of Edison Plaza by McDonald's
  • Continue straight on W. Maple Street
  • Cross over 619 by Hartville Pantry Resturant go straight
  • Frontier Restaurant (1 Mile)
  • Kinsley Road (1.5 Miles)
  • William Penn Road (2 miles)
Turn LEFT on Duquette (2.5 Miles)
  • Continue straight on Duquette
  • Graening (3 Miles)
  • Swamp (3.5 Miles)
Turn RIGHT on Pinedale (4.3 Miles)
  • Hartville Church on left (4.5 miles)
  • Gray and red barn on right/566 Pinedale (5 Miles)
  • Gopp Road (6 Miles)
  • Road dead ends into State Route 44
Turn LEFT on State Route 44 (7 Miles)
  • Maranatha Bible Church in front of you
  • Pass New Baltimore Ice Cream
  • Laubert Road (8.3 Miles)
  • Asher's on left (8.5 Miles)
  • LOOK for orange cone @ 795 State Route 44 (9 Miles)

Schedule Change for April 17th: Run 18 NOT 14!!

Trinity Trotters,

If you are training for the full marathon in Cleveland we have a change to your schedule. Your current schedule has you running 14 miles on Saturday, April 17th. This is too much of a decrease prior to your 20 miler and too many weeks after your last 18 miler. Therefore, you are running 18 miles on Saturday, April 17th. I know, I know! TRUST me, this will be worth it.

Week of April 11th
5 Miles
8 Miles
5 Miles
18 Miles on April 17th

If you have questions, please let me know. If you have complaints....keep them to yourself. HA HA

Remember- "Suffer now. Strut Later!"

Run for fun,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

IT'S NOT TOO LATE-Trotters Volunteer at the Toledo Marathon on April 25th! (RSVP)

  1. Officially confirm if you ARE or ARE NOT attending by Monday, March 29th (DEADLINE EXTENDED...JUST RSVP!) 
  2. Give me your shirt size. You'll receive a FREE volunteer shirt.
The Trinity Trotters have the opportunity to manage a water station for the marathon on Sunday, April 25th.

I'll receive our exact water station location in the next week. However, we are positioned after mile 13....which is right when people need some spunk, encouragement, and hydration. We are just the group to help these marathoners finish the race!!

We will meet at the Magnus house and carpool to Toledo. The Trotters did this last year and it was a BLAST! Also, it is a great opportunity for you to feel the "race day magic" and give back. People are volunteering during your is your turn to volunteer and help someone else!

I must turn in the shirt count by Monday! So, clear those calendars, send your RSVP, and let me know your shirt size.

Official Race Website:


Sunday, March 21, 2010

3-27-10 Post Run Massage Schedule

Massage Schedule
1:00-1:55 Lynn Johnson
2:05-2:30 Brian Evans
2:40-3:35 Lynne Schapiro
3:45-4:40 Angie Schapiro

Trinity Church of the Nazarene
2780 Canton Road
Uniontown, OH 44685

Come showered and in comfortable clothing. If for ANY reason you need a different time or need to cancel let Hope Magnus know IMMEDIATELY!  Payment is due on Saturday.

Hollow If You Hear Me Route for 3-27-10

Meet Time
6:20-6:25 a.m

Run/Walk Time
Promptly @ 6:30 a.m.

Quail Hollow
13480 Congress Lake Road
Hartville, OH 44632-9300
Meet at first major parking lot on LEFT. 
Do NOT go straight towards the white hosue!

Route Map


  • Start at stop sign by parking lot

  • Turn RIGHT out of parking lot and run towards the entrance

    • Continue inside Quail Hollow going towards the entrance

    • Stop sign at Congress Lake Road/Quail Hollow entracen (0.6 Mile)

  • Turn RIGHT onto Congress Lake Road

    • Continue straight past the houses at Congress Lakes Country Club

    • Memmer Construction Sign (1.0 Mile)

  • Turn RIGHT on Pontius (1.5 Miles)

    • Continue straight on Pontius

    • Griggy (2.2 Miles)

  • Turn LEFT on Duquette/Hartville Road (2.8 Miles)

    • TMC Center (3 Miles)

  • Turn RIGHT on Laubert (3.5 Miles)

    • Do NOT turn on Trump.  Turn RIGHT on Laubert

    • Continue straight on Laubert

    • "S" shaped pond on right (4 miles)

    • Laubert and State Route 44 (5.5 Miles)

    • Cross over State Route 44.  Continue straight on Laubert

  • Turn around at Horning Road (6.3 miles)

    • The extra miles won't kill you!

    • Turn around and run back to the start at parking lot

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saturday Run/Walk & Potluck Breakfast Details

Trinity Trotters,

We have a pretty full agenda for Saturday. The Cleveland Marathon charity representative is coming to my house to talk at 10:30 a.m. So, we need to start the run earlier this week.

Please bring a breakfast item of your choosing on Saturday. We are providing breakfast casseroles, coffee cake, and juice. This is a potluck. Whatever you bring...we eat!! So, bring something you'd like to share with the group. Below you'll find details for Saturday.

Run/Walk Time: 6:00 a.m. (Meet at Maize Valley at 5:50-5:55 a.m.)

Potluck Breakfast: Magnus House immediately following the run/walk

Speaker: Kyle Cheney starts talking at 10:30 a.m. (please stay)

The massages are NOT this Saturday, but on March 27th. It is not too late to register for a spot.  More details on Saturday. 

Run for fun,