Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pittsburgh Pasta and Race Details for Trotters

Pittsburgh Half and Full Marathon Trotters:
Are you ready to run? I wanted to provide some details for everyone.

If I reserved your hotel you already have the confirmation details. If you need your reservation modified, please let me know by Friday.

Dinner on Saturday
We have a group dinner reservation at 6:00 p.m. We'd love to see everyone for lots of laughter and carb loading. If you are attending, please let me or Lynne Schapiro know.
Joe Mamma's Italian Deluxe
3716 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

  • The restaurant will add an 18% gratuity and require one check. I suggest bringing cash. I've provided a menu to help estimate your dinner costs.
David L. Lawrence Convention Center
1000 Fort Duquesne Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Saturday 9:00-6:00

  • Please stop by the Pacing Booth while at the expo. I'll be working from 9:00-1:00 p.m. and would love to see you. If you are interested in a particular finish time this is your opportunity to meet the Pace Team and personally meet your pacer prior to the race. Pacers are offered from 3:05-6:00 finishing. For more details regarding pace times and pacers: http://www.pittsburghmarathon.com/pace-team.asp
4:20 Pace Group Details (Hope Bradley and Mike Erhardt)
Many of you have expressed interest in running with my pace group. We would LOVE to have you in our group. We have been working hard to develop a strategy that will have you finishing on time with laughing your butts off along the way. We have some fun surprises to keep you entertained. I've provided more details to help you determine if our pace team is right for you.

Our Pacing Strategy
  1. Keep a steady pace of 9:55 per mile for the entire race. We are NOT going out fast and banking time because this will blow your energy for later in the race. We WILL have an even split for those half marathoners wanting to run with our group for a 2:10 finish.
  2. We WILL announce aid stations in advance. We WILL slow down through the aid stations and keep a steady pace after emerging from the aid stations. Towards the end of the race we will slow to a brisk walk through the aid stations (if the we sense this is needed for the group).
  3. Do NOT try anything different on race day! If you have run marathons before and walk the aid stations...walk and don't try to sprint to catch back up with the pace team. We are keeping the pace consistent enough you WILL catch up without sprinting. If you typically slow down or run through the aid stations just stick with us.
  4. We WILL announce all course turns prior to approaching. We will give you detailed instructions on how to stay with the group while navigating the turns.
  5. We WILL announce all hills before approaching and let you know our attack strategy. We WILL be running the hills at a consistent pace (9:55 per mile). We are NOT walking the hills and not SURGING the hills. We will "read" the group and determine if we need to slow down at the hills. If so, don't freak out. We WILL make up the time on the downhill. By the way-The last several miles of the course are downhill (this is when you can thank God and start believing miracles do happen).
  6. We will announce all GU and food stations prior to arrival. The link provides a list of all the aid stations and what is served at each station. Pittsburgh has the BEST aid stations, in my opinion. http://www.pittsburghmarathon.com/Course.asp
  7. Mike and I are both VERY loud. We WILL be screaming at the crowd and getting you a lot of attention. We WILL be talking with the group the entire 26.2 miles to ensure you are okay, motivated, and encouraged. We have both run a lot of races. If you need help getting through a tough spot (we will probably already be able to tell if you are struggling), but ask us for help. We will get you through. We WILL make you laugh.....So, use the Port-A-Johns before the race. If you pee yourself from laughing we will not take responsibility or stop to clean you up! We are here to help! We both have A LOT of energy. Use our energy to keep you going when you are tired...we have plenty to spare!
  8. We WILL get you across the finish no later than 4:19:59. We WILL give every single person a hug, handshake, and happily place that medal around your neck!
Now, lace up those shoes and have FUN!

Run for fun,