Friday, January 29, 2010

Flat, Fast, and Forever Route

Y'all lucked out!  I mapped out three fantastic (hilly) new routes. Due to snow and safety issues we are doing a fast and flat route.  Frankly, this route is not scenic and is boring.  However, it is safe!  Fingers crossed the Ohio weather will be kind to us and we'll get a beautiful/hilly route next week. 

Meet Time
6:50-6:55 a.m.

Run Time
Run/Walk Promptly @ 7:00 a.m.

Meet Location
Maple Grove Mennonite Church
(This is right before the stop light at Kent and Smith Kramer)
2121 Smith Kramer Road
Hartville, OH
Route Details
The route this week is flat and takes a not so scenic view of Hartville and State Street.  This route will be very familiar to any Trinity Trotter that trained for the Cleveland Marathon last year.  Due to snow cover on the roads we needed a route with a wider road.  This route will also allow Coach Momma C to pull off more easily and provide water, food, and first aid.  Basically, the route is boring.  Suck it up and pray for clear roads so we can have a kick butt route next week.  :)

Transportation/Water Vehicle
Coach Momma C is doing the roaming water station and transporation.

Training Goal
You MUST be following your half, full, walking, or 5K schedule by now.  If you want to be ready by May you NEED to stop being "creative" and modifying the schedule on Saturdays.  If you are doing your training during the week you'll be better prepared for the long runs/walks.  So, DO your full miles for this week.  If you are unable to do your mid-week miles we might want to consider modifying your training goal for May OR start kicking it in gear.  I'm not being cruel, but we want this to be an enjoyable and fun experience for you guys.  The key to the Cleveland Marathon (half, full, walking, 10K, or 5K) being fun is being PREPARED.  I won't lead you astray...You'll be ready if you follow the plan.  I promise!  Walk when needed.  Try to run a bit more this week than you did last week, but take water breaks and stretch breaks when needed.  Y'all get the same dang medal as the Kenyans....So, have fun!!!!

This is an out-and-back route.  The entire route listed is a 17 mile route.  Example: If you're training goal for this week is 8 miles...You run four miles out (Fromes Road) then reverse the route and run back.  Memorize you're turn around road.  If you are a new Trotter and training by minutes....simply do your entire training OUT and we will have Coach Momma C drive you BACK to the start location after you've completed your time goal.  This will keep you with the group longer.  Woo hoo!  

Route Map
Turn LEFT out of Maple Grove Mennonite Church onto Smith Kramer

Turn RIGHT on Kent Road (light at end of street)
-Continue STRAIGHT on Kent Road
-Royer (0.5 mile out and 1 mile total)
-Lake O Pine (1 mile out and 2 miles total)
-Kent/State Street intersection (2 miles out and 4 miles total)
Turn LEFT on State Street 
-Continue STRAIGHT on State Street
-Middlebranch (3 miles out and 6 miles total)
-Fromes (4 miles out and 8 miles total) 
*Orange construction cone will be at this turn around location*
-Warner Church (5 miles out and 10 miles total)
-Ravenna/State intersection (7 miles out and 14 miles total)

Continue STRAIGHT on State Street after crossing Ravenna
-Paris Road (8 miles out and 16 miles total)
-Columbus Road (8.5 miles out and 17 miles total)
-Hope Magnus Turns Around! 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Y'all Are On Fire!

You guys are hot to trot!
Congratulations on a great run today.

The group is getting bigger,
you are running stronger,
and we are unstoppable.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good luck!

Run for Regis 50K Runners,

The Trinity Trotters would like to wish all the Run for Regis 50K runners good luck and happy trails on Sunday, January 17th.  Be safe, dress warm. 

Hope, Brian, and Tara will see you at the packet pick up, trail entrance, and various aid stations!  Congratulations ultrarunners! 

Run for fun,
Trinity Trotters

Friday, January 8, 2010

Frostbite Prediction 5K on Saturday, February 6th

The Frostbite Prediction 5K has no time limit.  Below you'll find the link for the paper registration and online registration.  Remember the online registration is subject to a $3.00 processing fee from 

Paper registration

Online registration

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Saturday, January 23rd Route: Kick Butt and Take Names (HILLS for the distance runners)

Meet Time
6:50-6:55 a.m.

Run Time
Run/Walk Promptly @ 7:00 a.m.

Meet Location
Maple Grove Mennonite Church
(This is right before the stop light at Kent and Smith Kramer)
2121 Smith Kramer Road
Hartville, OH

Route Details
Run the 5 mile out-and-back (same route as last week).  You'll need to run an additional 1 mile (0.5 out-and-back) to reach your 6 mile goal.  You'll need to run an additional 2 miles (1 mile out-and-back) to reach your 7 mile goal.  The additional route details are provided below.  This is a nice flat route.  You'll take back roads, which will take you to the center of Hartville and back.  This route is a 5, 6, 7, and 15 mile out-and-back or pick any distance you'd like to run!  I've also added directions for 10 additional miles (15 mile route) for any Trotter wanting to do additional mileage.  Hope Magnus, Brian Evans, and Tara Schmucker are following a different training schedule and will have additional miles to complete each week.  If you feel strong...feel free to join us.  Otherwise, STICK TO THE SCHEDULE and do your MID WEEK MILES!!!

Transportation/Water Vehicle
Coach Momma C is doing the roaming water station and transporation.   

Training Goal
  • Follow your full marathon, half marathon, or walking schedule for this Saturday.  Runners should be doing 7 miles this week according to the schedule!  This week either do 6 or 7 miles (runners) week we are back to sticking to the schedule!  We are "off" a bit because of the cancellation due to snow.  However, you should have done your run that day anyway and shouldn't be off schedule.  Regardless, 6 or 7 this week for full marathoners is fine.  Do not forget to HYDRATE!!!!!  Try to walk more than run....but walk when needed.  You're doing great! 
Route Map
(Click and drag to view map.  This is used for directional purposes only)
Turn RIGHT out of Maple Grove Mennonite parking lot towards Geib

Turn RIGHT on Geib (0.1 Miles)
-Continue straight on Geib
-Hazel Street (0.5 Miles)

Continue STRAIGHT at the Woodland/Geib intersection (1 Mile)
-Continue straight on Geib. 
-Geib becomes Crestmont
-Pass Hartville Church of the Brethren (1.5 Miles)

Turn LEFT on Menlo Park Street
-Continue straight on Menlo Park Street until Grand Trunk

Turn RIGHT on Grand Trunk/Menlo Park Street (this curves)
-Continue straight towards Doreen Leaf Designs Bridal Store

Turn LEFT on Sunnyside (2 Miles)
-Doreen Leaf Designs is directly in front of you!
-Continue straight on Sunnyside
-You'll pass Scott Processing and Hartville Hardware Lumber Yard

Continue until you see Phoebe's Nature Shop on your RIGHT (2.5 Miles)
-This is the corner of Sunnyside and Market Street
-TURN AROUND in Phoebe's Nature Shop parking lot
-Reverse route and take it back past the Maple Grove Mennonite Church for your additional miles. 

Pass Maple Grove Mennonite Church (5 Miles)
-Go straight towards Kent Road

Turn RIGHT on Kent Road
-Continue straight on Kent Road
-Royer Road (5.5 Miles)....turn around here run 6 miles!
-Lake O'Pines (6 Miles)...turn around here to run 7 miles!

Additional Miles
Turn RIGHT on State Street/Kent intersection (7 miles)= 9 miles total

-Continue straight on State Street towards the HILLS
-Market/State intersection (7.5 Miles)= 10 miles total
-Coblentz (8 Miles)= 11 miles total
-Stonebridge (8.5 Miles)= 12 miles total
-Stover (9 Miles)= 13 miles total
-Pheasant Valley (9.5 Miles)= 14 miles total
-Cleveland/State Street intersection (10 Miles)=15 miles total

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome the newest member of the Trinity Trotters!!!

Please meet Mr. Hallelujah. 
This is our turn around cone for our distance runs. 
We start marathon training next week. 

When you see Mr. Hallelujah along the know it is time to turn around and take it on home! 
Seeing an orange construction cone never felt so good!

Safety First Broken Circle Route

Meet Time
6:20-6:25 a.m.

Run Time
Promptly @ 6:30 a.m.

1018 Royce Street NW
Uniontown, OH

Route Details
I drove around for an hour trying to find a new, but safe route.  Unfortunately, this recycled route is our best option.  WILL REPEAT THIS ROUTE UNTIL WE'VE REACHED OUR TIME GOAL!!!! Next week we change from minutes to MILES!!!

Transportation Vehicle
Wes Magnus will have water, food, and First Aid supplies.

Route Map

Turn LEFT out of Magnus driveway

Turn RIGHT on Jan

Turn RIGHT on Canyon
-Continue straight on Canyon
-Canyon will cross over Market Street
-Continue straight

Turn RIGHT on Desert
-Continue straight on Desert
-At the stop sign Desert/Market turn around and reverse route back

Reverse Route
Straight on Desert

Left on Canyon

Left on Jan

Left on Royce

End at Magnus House

Safety First Route-12 Mile or Pick Your Distance

Meet Time
7:20-7:25 a.m.

Run Time
Promptly @ 7:30 a.m.

1018 Royce Street NW
Uniontown, OH

Route Details
I drove around for about an hour today trying to find an exciting, different, and SAFE route.  Sorry folks, but the ODOT often neglects portions of Uniontown/Hartville.  We need to do State Street.  The roads are wide enough it gives us safety and clearance.  Fingers crossed we can have an exciting route next week. 

Route Map
Y'all ain't getting no stinking map. You hit State Street and go straight until you feel like turning around. It is the simplest route the Trotters will ever have! We've bought a NEW Trinity turn around construction cone for our distance runs!  When you see the cone with a 26.2 sticker...Turn Around!!! Fingers crossed nobody steals this one!

Transportation Vehicle/Roaming Aid Station
Wes Magnus is doing the Roaming Water Station this week.  Coach Momma C is going to sleep-in and enjoy her last day of holiday break!  You'll have water, GU, Twizzlers, first aid. 

Turn RIGHT out of Magnus driveway

Turn RIGHT on Market Street
-Continue straight
-Sunview Circle (1 Mile)

Turn LEFT on State Street (2 Miles)
-Continue straight on State Street towards Alliance
-Kent Road/State Street intersection (About 3 Miles)
-Middlebranch (4 Miles)
-Sunnydale (4.5 Miles)
-Marlboro Township Sign (5 Miles)
-TLC Dog Grooming Sign (5.5 Miles)
-St. Peters Church Road (6.5 Miles...Too far!!)