Thursday, April 16, 2009

19 Mile Route to Marathon Glory

Turn RIGHT out of Magnus driveway

Turn RIGHT on Market Street
*Sunnyside Street (Mile 1)
*Market and State Street Stoplight (Mile 2)

Turn LEFT on State Street
*Cross over State and Kent intersection (Mile 3)
*Continue straight on State until Middlebranch sign (Mile 4)
*Cross over Middlebranch and railroad tracks
*Pass Fromes Road (Almost 5)
*Pass Marlboro Township Limit sign (Mile 5)
*Pass sign shaped like dog for the TLC Dog Grooming (Mile 5.5)
*Pass Werner Church Road (Mile 6.0 approx)
*St. Peter's Church Road (Mile 6.5)
*Pass Shooting Range (Mile 7.0)
*Stoplight at State Street and Ravenna Road (Mile 7.7)

Turn RIGHT on Ravenna Road
*Stop light warning sign (Mile 8.0)
*St. Francis Road (Mile 9.5) Turn around & look for orange cone!

...If you are feeling frisky and want to run 20 continue to Todd Road (MILE 10)
...I might run 20 miles this week and next....then follow the taper schedule

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