Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sensational Sand Run

We had a great 18 mile run today. Our thanks to Cindy, Bob, and Debi. They invited us along and we had a great time. We appreciate you mapping out a beautiful route. Can't wait to do it again.

I got very nostalgic running a portion of the Akron Marathon course again. I can't wait to run Cleveland, but my heart will forever belong to the Akron Marathon. It was my first!

Cindy took some great pictures before, during, and after the run. I LOVE that she travels with a camera!





  1. Akron was my first too! You NEVER forget your first...

    Thanks for running with us--so much fun!

  2. What a great looking group! Glad everyone enjoyed their run.

    Can you believe that you're almost to the 20 mile run? I'm so proud of all of you. Remember, one step at a time.

  3. I had so much fun running Saturday! You're right, 20 miles is coming up! I can't wait. I do love a good long run.

    Thanks for everything.

  4. Over the time I've been involved with your running I have noticed that the shorter ones are more challenging for you. You are made for the long runs.
    Go the distance Hope in everything you choose.
    I'll be right there with you.