Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marathon Documentary Questions

We are making our marathon documentary after our 20 mile run next Saturday. We need questions for the documentary. We will watch the video at our marathon celebration party on Saturday, May 23rd. I'll compile the questions for you to review/reflect prior to making the video on Saturday, April 25th.

Please submit at least 2 possible questions!

Please submit by Tuesday, April 21st.

You can post to this blog or send via email.


  1. Mike Hooper submitted the following questions:

    1.How much did training as a group help you prepare for the marathon instead of training solo?

    2. At what point in your training did you realize that you were going to successfully complete the marathon?

  2. Brian Evans submitted the following question:

    What was the reaction of friends and family when they heard you were going to run a marathon?

  3. at any time during training you could have quit, what has made you keep coming back week after week?

    what run has been the worst and why?

    have you learned anything about yourself thru this all that you didnt know before?

  4. will you train again for a marathon?