Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Team Bradley & Brooker Burning River Volunteers,

We cannot thank you enough for selflessly volunteering your time to help us accomplish our goal of running the Burning River 100 Endurance Race. Training for this race has been a test of physical endurance, emotional fortitude, pain management, and friendship. We had the unique opportunity to see each other at our absolute best and worst. This has been an exciting and exhausting experience. Our weekends have been consumed by training for this race. On Saturday, July 30th and Sunday, July 31st we put our bodies and brains through the ultimate test. We could NOT pass this test without all your help!

Below you'll find the volunteer shift list. Please review and provide feedback. If you’d like a different shift, want to work less/more, or can no longer volunteer let me know as soon as possible! I’ll make any adjustments that are needed.

Below you'll also find directions from the start (Squire’s Castle) to each aide station as they occur on race day. Brian Evans and I are working on detailed directions to each INDIVIDUAL aide station from the Uniontown/Hartville area. This will ensure that you can quickly and easily find your aide station on race day. Those directions will be emailed on Monday, July 18th.

I’m having three volunteer information sessions. During these one hour sessions we will provide information about the race, review aide station locations/directions, discuss what you should expect from us on race day, and answer any questions. Of course, we will have food and chit-chat too! J Since each volunteer shift is 3 hours long you’ll more than likely see us at two aid stations before your shift is complete. Brian Evans will work with all the volunteers very closely on race day to let you know what aid station we’ll be crossing when your volunteer shift starts.

Volunteer Information Sessions @ Hope's
1018 Royce Street NW, Uniontown, OH

Friday, July 22nd @ 6:30-7:30 PM
Saturday, July 23rd @ 2:30 PM
Sunday, July 24th @ 7:00 AM (morning option)

If none of the days/times work for you then we’ll touch base by phone. I need the following information from all volunteers emailed to me:

Volunteer Information Needed
1) Cell phone number (will use to update you on race day)
2) RSVP which information session you’re attending

If you have any questions or changes, please let me know. Feel free to email or call at 330-819-6846.

Just knowing that we’ll have kind, loving, and encouraging people helping us at the aid stations will make ALL the difference in the world. We may be running the race, but YOU are the emotional fuel that will keep us going! Again, thank you!

Run for fun,
Hope Bradley and Steve Brooker

Bradley and Brooker Runner Tracking

  1. You can track Hope and Steve LIVE on race day by using the link below: http://www.burningriver100.org/webcast.html
  2. Brian Evans will post updates to Hope Bradley’s Facebook page throughout the day.
  3. Call or text the following for updates:
    Brian Evans @ 330-904-9112
    Connie Bradley @ contact Hope for #
    Kate Brooker @ contact Hope for #
    Diana Morris @ contact Hope for #
Burning River Volunteer Shifts

Saturday, July 30th
5:00 am- 8 am
Crew Leader: Brian Evans
Connie and Harold Bradley, Kate Brooker, Melissa Hooper

8:00 am-11:00 am
Crew Leader: Brian Evans
Connie and Harold Bradley, Kate Brooker, Melissa Hooper

11:00-2:00 pm
Crew Leader: Brian Evans (Lunch Break/Rest)
Jared Cooey and Sarah King, Mike and Melissa Hooper, Cheryl Merrick, Eric Grow
Floaters: Connie and Harold Bradley (Lunch Break/Rest), Kate Brooker (Lunch Break/Rest)
* Crew leaders and floaters take rest breaks/get dinner*

2:00-5:00 pm
Crew Leader: Brian Evans
Jared Cooey & Sarah King, Mike &Melissa Hooper, Cheryl Merrick, Eric Grow, Chris & Marjie Cojocar
Floaters: Connie and Harold Bradley. Kate Brooker

5:00-8:00 pm
Crew Leader: Brian Evans
Larry, Sharon and Kim Simers, Chris and Marjie Cojocar, Cheryl Alexander/Jayne Brooker
Floaters: Connie and Harold Bradley, Kate Brooker
* Crew leaders and floaters take rest breaks/get lunch*

8:00-11:00 pm
Crew Leader: Brian Evans
Laurie Norton, Mike and Melissa Hooper, OPEN VOLUNTEER SLOT
Floaters: Connie and Harold Bradley, Kate Brooker

11:00-2:00 am (Saturday/Sunday transition)
Crew Leader: Brian Evans/Diana Morris (Brian rests, if needed)
Mike Morris, Bryan Short, Tara Schmucker
Floaters: None

Sunday, July 31st
2:00-5:00 am
Crew Leader: Brian Evans/Diana Morris (Brian rests, if needed)
Tara Schmucker, Jamie Davis, Mike Morris
Floaters: None

5:00-8:00 am
Crew Leader: Brian Evans
Tara Schmucker, Kate Brooker, Connie and Harold Bradley, Cheryl Alexander/Jayne Brooker
Floaters: None (Diana Morris rests)

8:00-11:00 am (FINISH)
Crew Leader: Brian Evans
Tara Schmucker, Mike and Diana Morris (if available), Connie and Harold Bradley, Kate Brooker, Cheryl Alexander/Jayne Brooker (if available)

How can I see Hope and Steve finish the race?
Keep in contact with Brian, Kate, Connie or Diana by phone and/or texting to get an approximate finish time. Check Hope’s Facebook page for status updates and approximate finish times.

There is an awards ceremony at 11:00 a.m. which we will attend and be presented with our belt buckle (yes, we get a belt buckle).  View the link below for the finish area map and parking details:

Runner Details and Rules

Course Guide

Burning River 100 Run Crew Directions to Aid Stations

Cuyahoga Falls to Squires Castle
North on Rt.8 to Rt. I-271 North to Rt. 90 East towards Erie, PA
Continue 1 mile on Rt. I-90 to exit 189 (Rt. 91)
Turn Left (South) on Rt. 91 1 mile to Rt. 6 (Chardon Road)
Turn Left (East) on Rt. 6 (Chardon Road) 1 mile to Chagrin River Road
Turn Right (South) on Chagrin River Road 1 mile to Squires Castle on Right

Squires Castle to Polo Field
Turn Left from Squires Castle Parking lot on Chagrin River Road (North) 1 mile to Rt. 6 (Chardon Road)
Turn Left (West) on Rt. 6 (Chardon Road) 1 mile to Rt. 91
Turn Left (South) on Rt. 91 10 miles to Rt. 87 (South Woodland Road)
Turn Left (East) on Rt. 87 (South Woodland Road) 2 miles
Polo Field Parking Lot is on Right Hand side just past Chagrin River Road

Polo Field to Shadow Lake
Turn Left (West) on Rt. 87 (South Woodland Road) 2 miles to Rt. 91
Turn Left on Rt. 91 (South) 5 miles to Solon Road
Turn Right on Solon Road (Southwest) 2 miles to Hawthorne Parkway
Turn Left on Hawthorne Parkway
Shadow Lake Parking is ½ mile on left

Shadow Lake to Station Road Bridge
Turn Left on Hawthorne Parkway ½ mile to Richmond Road
Turn Left on Richmond Road (South) to Forbes Road (less than 1 mile).
Turn Right (West) on Forbes Road to Rt. I-271 South
Rt.I-271 South to Rt. 82 Exit
Turn Right (East) on Rt. 82 4-½ miles to Riverview Road (1st Traffic Light after the Bridge over the Valley)
Turn Left on Riverview Road
The Drive for Station Road Bridge is at bottom of Hill on Left ¼ mile

Station Road Bridge to Ottawa Point
Go straight out of the Picnic Area exit across Riverview into the Cleveland Metroparks (Brecksville Reservation).
Go 1 mile over the bridge and turn left onto Valley Parkway.
Continue about 1 mile and turn left on Meadows Drive.
Go about 1 mile and turn left into the Ottawa Point Reserved Picnic Area

Station Road Bridge to Boston Store
Turn Left (South) on Riverview Road 4 miles to Boston Mills Road
Turn Left on Boston Mills Road
The Boston Store is on the Right Immediately after going over the Bridge (200 meters)
Ottawa Point to Boston Store
Exit the Ottawa Point access drive and turn right onto Meadows Dr.
Go 1 mile and turn right on Valley Parkway.
When the road ends, turn right and continue to Riverview Road.
Turn Right (South) on Riverview Road 4 miles to Boston Mills Road
Turn Left on Boston Mills Road
The Boston Store is on the Right Immediately after going over the Bridge (200 meters)

Boston Store to Happy Days Visitor Center (Pacer Pick up)
Turn Left back to Riverview Road
Turn Left (South) on Riverview Road 2 miles to Rt. 303 – It’s the first Traffic Light
Turn Left (East) on Rt. 303 through Peninsula (There are restaurants in Peninsula) Winking
Lizard on left and Fishers on Right
Continue 2-½ miles on Rt. 303 to the Happy Days Visitor Center
Parking Lot and Pacer Central will be on the Left

Happy Days Visitor Center to Pine Hollow
Turn Left (East) on 303 to “Old” Rt. 8 (Akron Cleveland Road)
Turn Right (South) 3 miles to Quick Road
Make a Sharp Right on Quick Road
Continue 2 miles to Pine Hollow on the Right

Pine Hollow to Covered Bridge
Exit the parking lot turning right onto Quick Road.
Go down Quick until it dead ends into Akron-Peninsula Road.
Turn left onto Akron-Peninsula Road.
Take AP to Bolanz Road and turn right, following Bolanz Road to Riverview Road.
Turn right on Riverview Road and take it to Everett Road. Turn left.
The parking lot for the covered bridge will be on your left about 1/2 mile down the road.
You must walk a short distance down the towpath to get to the actual covered bridge aid station.

Covered Bridge to Merriman Road
Exit the parking lot turning right onto Everett Road. Everett to Riverview Road. Turn right. Take
Riverview road for quite a while. After you pass Smith Road...proceed past Liberty Commons. Turn left into the driveway between FirstMerit Bank and the large red brick building. This will put you behind several businesses and into a large parking lot. Proceed along the parking lot towards the car wash. The aid station is behind the car wash.

Merriman to Memorial Parkway
Exit the parking lot at Merriman Road, turning right.  At the light before the train tracks, turn left onto Merriman Road. Take Merriman road up the hill and continue for a few miles until you hit the first light.  This is Memorial Parkway. Turn left onto Memorial Parkway.  Go down the hill. The aid station is at the bottom of the hill on the left hand side.

Memorial Parkway to Finish
Turn left out of the parking lot and continue east on Memorial Parkway.
Memorial will become Tallmadge Ave.
Continue 1/2 mile to Route 8 and turn left.
Continue north until the Broad St exit.
Turn left on Broad and cross Route 8 to the Finish at Broad St. near Front St.

Burning River 100 Mile Run Aid Station Locations
Old Mill & Chagrin River Road (No Crew Access)
South of Mayfield Road on Chagrin River Road near the bridge.

Polo Field
Southeast corner of the intersection of Chagrin River Road and South Woodland Road.

Harper Ridge
On Hawthorne Parkway West of Rt. 91 between Rt. 91 and Harper Road.

Shadow Lake
On Hawthorn Parkway, 1 mile northeast of Richmond Road

Egbert Shelter
Off of Egbert Road in Bedford Reservation ¼ mile North from Egbert Road on Gorge Parkway on the right side.

Alexander Road (No Crew Access)
On the South side of Alexander Road just West of Dunham

Ottawa Point
Take Meadows Drive in Brecksville Reservation past the Stables. Turn Left at entrance sign, the aid station is straight ahead about 1/2 mile.

Snowville (No Crew Access)
200 meters west from Riverview Road on the North side.

Boston Store
East of Riverview Road on Boston Mills Road

Pine Lane (No Crew Access)
Off Rt. 303 1 mile East from Peninsula. The trailhead is on the North side of the street.

Happy Days
Is off Rt. 303 1.5 mile East of Pine Lane. The parking lot is on the North side of the street. The aid station is left of the parking lot as you enter in the small group of trees between the road and the parking lot.

Pine Hollow
Is off Akron Peninsula Road on Quick Road, about 2 miles south of Peninsula. The Trailhead is on the left if you are coming from Akron Peninsula Road.

Everett Covered Bridge
Parking is at the parking lot on Everett Rd. near the Covered Bridge.

O’Neil Woods
From Riverview head West on Ira Road and make an immediate Left on Martin Road continue up the hill and the drive to O’Neil Woods will be on the left at the bend in the road.

Merriman Road
Is on the North side of Merriman Road between Akron Peninsula (Portage Trail) and Riverview. The aid station is next to the river by the car wash.

Memorial Parkway
On the North side of Memorial Parkway between Uhler Ave. and Hickory Street next to the Cuyahoga River and Towpath.

Finish Line
Falls River Square at the intersection of Front Street and Broad Street in downtown Cuyahoga Falls.

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