Friday, November 27, 2009

Memory Lane Route-State Street (13 Miles or Pick Your Distance)

Y'all asked to run State Street again.....Here you go!
Meet Time
7:20-7:25 a.m.

Run Time
Promptly @ 7:30 a.m.

1018 Royce Street NW
Uniontown, OH

Route Details
This route was made famous, feared, and dreaded during the Cleveland Marathon training. The Trotters thought we'd never want to run this route again. Man, time sure changes things because I've received three requests to do this route again. This WILL probably be our safest route for winter training. The roads are typically pretty clear from snow. So, get used to this route and get ready to fight the hills and the wind.....January snowfall will come soon! This is a 6.5 mile out-and-back. Pick your distance runners-Figure out how far you want to run. Memorize the street where you need to stop in order to get your mileage. Tell Coach Momma C the mileage you want to run PRIOR to leaving the Magnus house. She'll make sure you have a ride back to the start.

Route Map
Y'all ain't getting no stinking map. You hit State Street and go straight until you feel like turning around. It is the simplest route the Trotters will ever have!

Transportation Vehicle/Roaming Aid Station
Yes! Coach Momma C will be there to provide fuel, food, and transport back to the start line for those running less than 13 miles.

Turn RIGHT out of Magnus driveway (0 Miles/13 Miles)

Turn RIGHT on Market Street
-Continue straight
-Sunview Circle (1 Mile/12 Miles)

Turn LEFT on State Street (2 Miles/11 Miles)
-Continue straight on State Street towards Alliance
-Kent Road/State Street intersection (About 3 Miles/10 Miles)
-Middlebranch (4 Miles/9 Miles)
-Sunnydale (4.5 Miles/8.5 Miles)
-Marlboro Township Sign (5 Miles/8 Miles)
-TLC Dog Grooming Sign (5.5 Miles/7.5 Miles)
-St. Peters Church Road (6.5 Miles)


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