Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saturday-12 Mile Running Route (Loop)

1018 Royce Street NW
Uniotown, OH 44685

Meeting Time and Running Time
Meet-6:25 Run-6:30

Route Description (Map with turn-by-turn directions will be provided)
This is a loop around scenic/rural Uniontown and downtown Hartville. There are significant hills. If you are training for Akron...You are WELCOME!

I've driven the route. It is EXACLTY 12 matter what map says
Click and drag to view entire image.

Water Stops and Fuel
Coach Momma C will have water and food along the route

Turn RIGHT out of Magnus driveway onto Royce Street

Turn RIGHT on Market Street

Turn LEFT on Lake O Pines (1 Mile)
-Follow straight until it crosses over Kent Road (2 Miles)
-Continue straight onto Nimishillen
-Nimishillen Church of the Bretheren (3 Miles)
-Wolf Road (4 Miles)

Turn LEFT on Miller Road (5 Miles)
-Follow until it ends at Smith Kramer (Not labeled with a sign, but turn LEFT)

Turn LEFT on Smith Kramer (6 Miles approx.)

Turn RIGHT on William Penn (6.5 Miles)
-Pass Seven Hills Golf Course (7 Miles)

Turn LEFT on Edison/619 (7.5 Miles)
-Pass Frontier Restaurant (8.5 Miles)
-Pass Longaberger Basket Sign

Turn LEFT on Prospect
-The Hartville Pie Factory will be in front of you
-Continue to follow Prospect
-You'll pass the Hartville Chocolate Factory and Zeppe's Pizza
-Circle K (9 Miles)
-Seneca Street (9.5 Miles)
-Hazel Street (10 Miles)

Turn RIGHT on Smith Kramer (11 Miles)
-Pass Hartville Mennonite Church
-Pass Altercare

Turn RIGHT on Market Street
-Follow Market to Magnus House
-Magnus driveway at 1018 (12 Miles)

CONGRATULATIONS- You've joined the Dozen Miles Club!

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