Saturday, May 2, 2009

We're Getting Closer!

My Dearest Team Trinity Friends,

Well, it seems weird congratulating you for "only" running 9 miles. I'm used to doing my Saturday celebratory posts for those large double-digit runs.

This 9 mile run was bitter sweet. I love the journey we've taken these past six months. I am proud of everything you have accomplished. You set a very difficult goal. In 15 days your hard work and determination will pay off.

I have enjoyed every single Saturday with our group. It is so funny looking back. I realize six months ago we really didn't know eachother very well. Now, we have a common bond that is hard to explain. Thank you for months of running, laughter, tears, and conquering fears!

Congratulations on running 9 miles. Today's "vacation" run was well deserved.

See you at the finish line on May 17th. I'll be the curly-headed girl beaming with pride and excitement for each and every one of you!!! I love you all very much!

Hope "Sweet Feet" Magnus

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