Friday, May 1, 2009

9 Mile Route-Scenic and Hilly

Turn RIGHT out of Magnus driveway

Turn RIGHT on Market Street

Turn RIGHT on Midway Street (Approximately 1 mile)

Continue on Midway
-Enjoy the hills!
-Enjoy the houses
-Enjoy a change of scenery

Turn RIGHT on Hoover (Approximately 2 miles)

Continue on Hoover
-House 11193 (Approximately 3 miles)
-Hoover crosses over Lake Center (Approximately 3.5 miles)
-Keep running on Hoover for an additional mile
-You'll hit a "S" curve, which turns a sharp left
-Keep running. You're getting closer to Clear Water's RV entrance!

Clear Water RV Park Entrance on LEFT (4.5 miles)

Enjoy going downhill on the way home. Don't be will encounter a couple heart racers on the way back. Oh, how fun!

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