Friday, October 7, 2011

5 Buck Chuckwagon Challenge Run 10-22-11


We are starting later this week so we can utlizie the Hartville Flea Market for our 5 Buck Chuckwagon Challenge because it opens at 9:00 am.  This was a great idea conceived by Jamie Davis!  You do not have to participate, but if you are running the entire route....join us for a hilarious time of running, bargaining, and bragging. 

5 Buck Chuckwagon Challenge Directions
  1. Bring $5 with you
  2. Run to the Hartville Flea Market with the group
  3. Once you arrive at the flea market you are to shop for the coolest, weirdest, tastiest, or funkiest item you can find.  You are free to bargain, beg, steal (not really), and borrow for the best deal you can find. Feel free to use self expression.  A prize will be given for the best item purchased for $5 or less (Grand Prize). 

    Prizes will also be given if you find item(s) that fit in the following categories:
    - Best country decor item
    - Best use of $5 to strike a deal
    - Most tasty food item (don't eat the item)
    - Best clothing item for another decade
    - Best item that reminds you of a redneck
    - Best 70's items (Jack Trippter type shorts, walkman, etc.)
    - Largest item you can carry
    - Best item that contains velvet, lace, sparkles, funky glass, or strobe lights
    - Best item that reminds you of a Mennonite
  4. Regroup at the Marketplace entrance at 9:45 a.m.  Do a little show and tell of what you purchased.  Prizes awarded upon returning to the parking lot at Maize Valley.  Yes, you get bonus points for carrying the items back with you while you run! 

Meet Time
7:35-7:40 a.m.

Run/Walk Time
Promptly at 7:45 a.m.

Maize Valley Farm and Winery
6193 Edison Street Northeast
Hartville, OH 44632

Route Map

Right out of Maize Valley parking lot on Edison
  • Duquette (1.2 Miles)
  • Kinsley (2.2 Miles)
Left on Prospect (Hartville Pie Factory)

Right on Lincoln (3 Miles)
  • Slight left on Belle and continue straight by school (school on your right)
Left on Sunnyside (3.5 Miles)

Left on Market (4.3 Miles)

Right on Lake Center

Right on King Church (5.1 Miles)
  • Cross over 619 and straight in Hartville Flea Market parking lot
  • Straight on road and run by Hartville Flea Market
Left on Market

Right on Andrews (7 Miles)
  • Cross over 43 and stay straight on Andrews
  • Andrews becomes Lake
  • Follow Lake
  • Mini storage (8.5 Miles)
Left on Erie (9 Miles)
  • Road ends and turn RIGHT
Left on Prospect (Hartville Grain and Feed on your left)

Right on Swamp

Right on Duquette (11 Miles)

Left on Edison (12 Miles)

Maize Valley Farm (13.5 Miles)

For additional mileage run an out-and-back of this route for a longer distance

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