Friday, October 28, 2011

Chilly, HILLY, and Thrilly Route for Saturday, November 12th (New route next week)

No roaming water station this week.
I'll have water and cups dropped along the route in bags.

Meeting Location
Lake YMCA Parking Lot
11928 King Church Ave.
Uniontown, OH

Newbies and Distance Trotters
Meet at 6:20-6:25 a.m.
Run Promptly at 6:30 am

Right out of YMCA parking lot on King Church
  • Run through Walnut Creek cemetary on the left (0.5 miles) 
Left on Edison (0.7 miles)
  • Lake Commons Apartments (1.1 Miles)
  • Clearwater Park (1.5 Miles)
  • Marella (2 Miles)
Left into the Woods Cemetary
  • Run through the cemetary from the left, circle around, go back to exit
Right out of cemetary back on Edison going back towards Hartville (3ish miles)

Left on Mogadore Road (3.5 Miles)

Right on Pontius (4.1 Miles)
  • Sunflower (5.2 Miles)
Right on Mishler (6 Miles)

Left on Andres (6.7 Miles)
  • Kingsway Farm (7 Miles)
Right on Route 43 (7.5 Miles)

Right in the Mount Peace Cemetary (8.1 Miles)
  •  Circle around the cemetary and exit near the "Gravekeepers" shed/opposite exit
Right out of cemetary back on 43

Right on West Maple (CVS in front of you)

Left on Milan (8.7 Miles)

Right on Sunnyside

Left on Market (9.2 Miles)

Right on Lake Center (9.8)

Right on King Church/YMCA parking lot (10 miles)

Additional Mileage Option
Do NOT turn on King Church...go straight on Lake Center (10 Miles)
  • Meadowlane (10.5 Miles)
Left on Wright (11.0 Miles)
  • Applewood Acres (12 Miles)
Left on Wagner

Right on Midway (12.6 Miles)
  • Straight on Greenbranch
Bellhaven (13 miles and run back to YMCA for 16 miles total)

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