Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tour of Stark County Route for Saturday, May 7th

Last week for this route!

Good luck Kim Simers at the CBUS Half Marathon!

Since we don't have aid stations this week you are doing a public route, which gives you many options to stop for water/bathrooms, if needed. 

Meeting Time
6:20-6:25 a.m.

Run/Walk Time
Promptly at 6:30 a.m.

Meeting Location
St. Jacob's Church
1460 State Street NE
Canton, OH
(Between Kent and Market)

Route Details
This route is a tour of Uniontown/North Canton, Ohio.  You'll start on State Street, which is a familiar location for the Trotters.  You'll go past Walsh University, Price Park, run over the Hall of Fame Bridge, and do a loop of the Kent Stark and State State campuses.  Please stay on the sidewalks as much as possible on any busy street!  Enjoy! 
Turn RIGHT on State Street ouf of the parking lot
Turn RIGHT on Kent/43 at stop light
  • Route 43 Antique Mall (1.2 Miles)
  • Doncaster (2 Miles)
  • Markley (2.5 Miles
  • KinderKare Child Center (3.1 Miles)
Turn RIGHT on Easton by Walgreens/BP (run on sidewalk)
  • Marquadt (4.4 Miles)
  • Pershing (5 Miles)
Stay STRAIGHT on Easton/Cross Over Cleveland Avenue
  • Pleasant (5.5 Miles)
  • Price Park (6 Miles)
Turn LEFT on Wise (6.3 Miles)

Turn LEFT on Whipple (6.5 Miles)
  • BMW dealership is across the street
Turn RIGHT on Dressler by GetGo (6.7 Miles)
  • Promler (7 Miles)
  • Continue straight on Dressler/run over Hall of Fame bridge
  • Continue straight into Kent Stark/Stark State Campus
Turn LEFT to make a loop of the Kent Stark/Stark State Campus (7;.3 Miles)
  • Follow signs for Main Hall
  • Stop Sign by Main Hall/Visitor Lot (8 Miles)
Continue STRAIGHT towards Stark State side of campus
  • Turn RIGHT by large Stark State building and pass STUDENT CENTER (8.2 Miles)
  • Ralph Regula Wellness Center (8.3 Miles)
  • Advanced Technology Center (8.6 Miles)
  • Continue the loop to the exit/where you entered.  Turn LEFT to exit and go back over Hall of Fame bridge.  Exit to leave Kent Stark/Stark State (9 Miles)
Reverse route for 18 miles total

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