Friday, October 2, 2009

Saturday's 8 Mile/Pick Your Distance Route

This was a popular route. We've had several Trinity Trotters request we run this one again!

1018 Royce Street NW
Uniontown, OH

6:20-6:25 am

Run Promptly @ 6:30 am

8 Miles or Pick Your Distance

Roaming Water Station and Transportation
We will have the roaming water station this week. We will also provide transportation back to the start location for any runner not running the full 8 mile loop.

Example-I want to run 5 miles. What should I do? The course is an 8 mile loop. You'll run the 5 miles out with the group. Once you get to the 5 mile mark you STOP. Coach Momma C will pick you up at the 5 mile mark and take you back to the start location. The same applies for any distance under 8 miles. This ensures you don't run any portion of the course alone, you don't get lost, and you get to stay part of a group longer. Just memorize the road you need to stop at...stop at that road...get a ride.

Route MapClick and drag to view

*I've given you approximate mile markers along the route.
They deviate by .2 miles, but rounded to the nearest major road.*
Turn RIGHT out of Magnus driveway

Turn RIGHT on Market Street

Turn RIGHT on Midway (.7 miles)
-Continue straight on Midway
-Enjoy the hills, houses, and road curves
-Coblentz (1 Mile)

Turn RIGHT on Wagner (2 Miles)
-Continue straight on Wagner until it deadends into Wright

Turn LEFT on Wright Road
-Mogadore Road (3 Miles)
-Continue straight on Wright until Cleveland Avenue

Turn LEFT on Cleveland Avenue
-Run on the grass or VERY carefully on the road until you hit sidewalk
-Run the sidewalk when you can!!
-Take a leisurely stroll through Uniontown and Greentown
-Cleveland Avenue and State Street cross @ Greentown Art Gallery

Turn LEFT on State Street (4 Miles)
-Greentown Art Gallery is directly in front of you
-Continue straight on State Street
-Enjoy some rolling hills
-Top of first hill on State Street (5 Miles)
-Stonebridge (5.5 Miles)
-Coblentz (6 Miles)

Turn LEFT on Market Street (6.5 Miles)
-Continue straight on Market and take it on home
-Turn LEFT on Royce and into Magnus driveway (8.4 Miles)

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