Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Track, Treadmill, or Road!

The Track
The track is a great place for speedwork. It offers flat terrain and allows for exact pacing as you go.

The sharp turns put extra pressure on the same side of your body repetitively.

Make sure to warm up and cooldown in the outside lanes going the opposite direction.

The Treadmill
The treadmill tells your pace and distance. The cushioned surface is good for runners coming back from an injury. Great during the crazy Ohio weather.

The ground moves under you on the treadmill, so technically it's easier to run on. It does not adequately prepare you fro the pounding of outside running and racing.

Set the incline at 1 percent to simulate flat road conditions. Run on a road at least twice a week.

The Road
Running outside develops mental toughness as you deal with various weather and other conditions and helps you prepare for races.

It can be harder to estimate your speed, and hilly terrain or obstacles-stoplights, cars, etc. can throw off target training paces. Just roll with it....Don't worry about it...Just get out there and run for fun!

Get a cheap stopwatch. It can help you keep track of your pace, distance, and time.

ARTICLE FOUND IN: Women's Running Magazine (July/August 2009 issue)

Run for Fun!

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