Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saturday's 10 Mile Run-Meet @ Schmucker House @ 6:30 AM

Tara's done a great job mapping out a 10 mile route for us this week. Get ready for a beautiful run through God's country and some hills!

Directions to Tara's house:
806 New Milford Road
Atwater, OH

Below is a map of the route:

10 Mile Route
Turn RIGHT out of Scmucker driveway on to New Milford

Follow New Milford

Cross over 224

Turn LEFT on Fairground Road
-Follow until it ends and you hit State Route 44
-Look for cone...Turn around

Continue to run on Fairground Road

Turn RIGHT on New Milford Road

Cross over 224

Turn RIGHT on Eberly Road (This is second road on right)

Turn LEFT on Horning

Turn LEFT on Dibble

You'll see Tara's house...keep running...Happy 10 Miles!


  1. How was the run today? Need water yet?
    Momma C

  2. I was starting to need water around mile 8. I was sooo thirsty. HELP US!