Monday, January 26, 2009

Was it a perfect 10? Rate Your Run!

What was the best part of your 10 mile run?
What was the worst part of your 10 mile run?
What has been the best part of training for a marathon/worst?

5-(Easy/No Struggle)
3-(Neither Easy or Hard)


  1. Rating: 4 (Physcially the run was fine, but the weather was poopy)

    Best: I enjoyed the hills. I enjoyed being outside. I enjoyed being together accomplishing a common goal. I enjoyed eating breakfast with everybody!

    Worst: The last two miles on Market Street. My hands were freezing and the wind was whipping me around something fierce. Also, it was starting to snow pretty heavily.

    Best part of training: The satisfaction of setting a goal, working hard, and reaching your goal. I feel like I can conquer the world after a long run. I also like that training is a lot easier the second time around. My body is used to it.

    Worst part of training: I HATE three mile runs. I get bored. I don't see the point. I know they are a necessary evil and imperative for training. There is something about three miles that just mentally ticks me off. I can't explain it. I'd much rather run a longer distance. I just don't like three milers...never have...never will! :)

  2. i would rate it 4/5 , it in deed was crappy weather and long but overall physically i felt great! i was more cold than than anything else! i would give it a 9, in a rating if weather was better i would give it a 10!!!i mentally know i can do this!!and breakfeast was 10+!!thanks wes & hope!!!